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Orchids are perennial herbs and monocotyledons. The root is long and tubular. Leaves clustered from the stem, linear lanceolate, slightly leathery, 2 to 3 in a bundle. Orchid is a traditional famous flower in China. It is a flower famous for its fragrance.
Landscape stone
In landscape design, landscape stone is used more and more frequently. Landscape stone is not only beautiful and practical, but also easy to obtain materials, which is almost everywhere. Landscape stone is widely used and can be seen everywhere in landscape design, such as patio, lawn path, around swimming pool, railing, villa foundation, pavilion, porch and other buildings need landscape stone to decorate and beautify.
Cassiabark tree
"Golden osmanthus" is a variety of Osmanthus fragrans. It is also a osmanthus variety with high ornamental value, economic value and practical value. Osmanthus fragrans has golden yellow flowers, fragrant flowers and thick green leaves. It has high ornamental value among many Osmanthus fragrans, which was popular in ancient times Parenting has now been extended to all parts of the country.
Shrimp is a kind of long bodied animal living in water. It belongs to arthropod crustacean. There are many kinds, including green shrimp, river shrimp, grass shrimp, crayfish, shrimp, prawn, kiwi shrimp, Pipa shrimp, lobster, etc. Shrimp has high therapeutic value and is used as traditional Chinese medicine